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09/05: Calls repeatedly. No message, just silence. You call back its CITICARD! I cancel all my accounts with them. The calling doesn't stop.

09/15: 8777955580

10/07: Mary Thompson

01/08: they said they were City cards calling about a retail account. I called the number yesterday and asked to be removed from their list. They looked up my accounts based on my phone number and stated that I ahve a Home Depot and Sears card with them - which I have those cards, but never use them... anyways, in order to be remove from the list, they wanted to confirm the last 4 of my SSN - I told them "yeah right!"

  01/10: They better quit calling me cause I am getting really mad.....inconsiderate A..H...."s.

The 877 AreaCode is a Toll Free AreaCode meaning that the location of the Caller could be anywhere in the United States covering a total of 6,159,615 square miles. There are a total of 419 Comments in the 877 AreaCode, which represents a total of 4% of the reports received.

KnownCaller.com is a crowd-sourced website designed to identify unknown callers, basically working as a virtual white pages or a Reverse Phone Lookup service allowing you to determine whether or not its worth your time or effort to answer a call. There are many legimiate callers such as friends, classmates, associates and calls from businesses that you've dealt with in the past or want to deal with in the future. However, there are many callers that you DON'T want to receive calls from. Callers such as Scammers (Scam Artists), Bill Collection Agencies, Credit Card Collections and others looking to take your hard earned money.

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